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Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's finally summer! #summerbloggerchallenge

Hellooo everyone!

Yeah it's been like 75 years (or like 3 weeks) since I made another blog post and that is just sooo unacceptable. Writers block be damned! So I have decided to participate in the awesome #Summer Blogger Challenge masterminded by the lovely Charlotte at Velvet and Vinyls. Check her out. I figured at least if I have some motivation to write I'd feel like writing more!

So anywho, the topic for this week is how I'm going to spend my summer! Quite honestly, I'm not entirely too certain how I'll be spending my summer.

Most people have expectations, responsibilities, children, a job, a home, pets, things that they need to take care of on a regular basis that they're responsible for. Honestly, I really don't. I am a student, but I'm on sabbatical until I can find a job to pay my tuition to restart. I don't have a pet, any children, the home I live in isn't my home, so I'm not the only one that takes care of it.

Most days of mine are spent blogging, reading blogs, doing housework, and sleeping. And it's just...boring me. I need activity. I need something to do, I need intellectual stimulation. Now, I realize that my life is pretty similar to most stay at home moms except I don't have children. I have absolutely no problem with stay at home moms, my mother was one for the majority of my life and I can quite honestly say that was best for our family. But the thing is, most of that mothers time will be spent doing things for her children.

I don't even have a car, or a drivers license. So I am quite literally stuck. I don't live somewhere that I can easily walk to somewhere, it's about a 40 min walk to the nearest large town. My fiancee really doesn't need help, he is a wonderful provider. But I can't help feeling like a bum. Sitting on my ass all day while he busts his ass to provide me with everything I need.

I can't get a car without a job, but I can't get a job without a car. It's just a never ending cycle. Half the jobs I try to apply for, I can't without a driver's license. And the jobs that don't require a license, they always ask you if you have reliable transportation. I have my feet, and my fiancee's car. That's it, and that's not enough for most employers because of the long hours my fiancee works.

BUT, I will not just sit here wallowing in laundry and ice cream! I have things that I really need to get done to progress my life and my fiancee's in a positive direction. I have goals! I have a list of things that I would like to do or complete before the summers end and I am determined to push through!

Without further ado, my summer goal list!

  1. "Spring clean" our bedroom and sitting room.
  2. Plant, tend, and harvest a small vegetable garden.
  3. Find employment.
  4. Pay off my tuition.
  5. Get back into classes.
  6. KEEP STUDYING while I'm on sabbatical.
  7. Lose 20 pounds. 

That's all for today folks! Are you stuck in a rut you feel like it's impossible to get out of? Let's support each other and get us all out of our ruts!


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