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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Secretly Meatless Chili

Hi everyone!

Ok, I know, long time no blog. I kinda lost my motivation but I swear I'm back now! Yay!

I decided to do a recipe post for my return because I can honestly say this is my recipe that I developed myself from McGyvering around my kitchen to make a meal for my boyfriend one day (he's my fiancee now, maybe it was the chili!) . You see I wanted to make some chili but I had no meat with which to do it so I was checking around my cupboards and found something I forgot I bought, red quinoa. I made the chili and it turned out he ate at work so I put it in a bowl on the kitchen table and my roommates started eating it with tortilla chips, they loved it! And they were shocked when I told them it didn't contain meat, they couldn't even tell!

I know what you're thinking, quinoa is such a fad food and in 2 years no grocery stores will even sell it anymore. Well yes, quinoa is a very trendy food right now along with things like chia seeds and goji berries but there is a reason for the hype people. Quinoa is incredibly nutritious, can be very affordable depending on where you get it, and is practically a food chameleon, it can be put in so many different foods and take on so many different flavors it's mindblowing all the things you can do with it. It's the perfect meat substitute in chili and you never miss that there's no meat because the protein and fiber in the quinoa fill you up just like meat. The texture even resembles ground beef, you could give your family a meatless meal without them ever knowing it!

Alrighty then now that I'm done fangirling about quinoa, on to the recipe!

This recipe will feed a few people but you can easily scale it up or down to your needs, and this freezes like a dream. I do make my chili spicy, but you totally don't have to, I just love spicy food.

2 cups of quinoa (I like to use red quinoa to keep my chili red but use what you want)
1 can of diced tomatoes with the liquid (bonus points if you can find the ones that are pre-seasoned with garlic and herbs, watch the sodium level in these ones though)
1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed
1 can of dark red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 small can of diced green chiles
2 Tablespoons of minced garlic (ish. I really like garlic so I always dump it in, you can use less if you aren't as crazy about it)
1 medium red onion diced
1 dried ancho chile (optional)
Spice and season to taste ( I usually use a tad of garlic salt, pepper, chili powder and cayenne. )


  1. Put the garlic and diced onion in the bottom of your heated pot and let it cook on medium for a couple of minutes, just short of browning. Use a little bit of oil in the bottom of the pan if sticking is a problem.
  2. Add in your tomatoes, beans, diced chiles, and quinoa. 
  3. Stir, Pour in just enough water to cover all your ingredients. You shouldn't need much since we keep the liquid from the tomatoes. Add in your dried ancho chile to the water.
  4. Let it simmer for 15-20 minutes, until your quinoa has absorbed all the liquid, it should thicken considerably into a yummy stew like texture. REMOVE the dried ancho chile before serving, Nobody wants to bite into that, although that would be pretty funny.

  • You could of course use fresh ingredients instead of canned, but I find canned just as healthy and tasty and it saves a ton of time on chopping. 
  • Remember to wash your hands after handling the chiles, let's not forget and touch your eyes or (heaven forbid) your spouse or child's eyes. Even the dried ones are pretty potent.
  • You should have had enough water to perfectly cook your quinoa and get a nice fluffy texture. If you didn't have enough and your quinoa isn't done yet, add in one half cup of liquid at a time and allow it to absorb. Conversely, if you had too much liquid and you have a soupy texture, simply drop in some more quinoa, I've used this trick a dozen times it comes out just great.
  • Don't worry about overcooking it is literally impossible to overcook this chili whenever you have it at a simmer. 
And that's all folks! If you would like me to add pictures of each of the steps or elaborate more on any ingredients or preparation please let me know. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 30, 2014

6 Ways to Deal with Food Cravings And Emotional Eating

As I sit here right now there is a container of cookies from a local restaurant sitting not 2 feet away from me in the cabinet. I must not lie, at one point in my life I would have eaten every single one without batting an eyelash. For many, many years I have struggled with emotional eating. For many people, in order to win their battles with weight loss, they must first win their battles with emotional eating! I am no different. Everyone starts emotional eating for a different reason, it's unique to you and your situation which I believe is why it's so difficult to conquer. What works for your neighbor or your friend could make you worse!

Personally, I started emotional eating without even noticing. I'm going to blame about 25% of it on having an Italian family where food is our bonding tool. We all cook, we all love to eat, and we love sharing those times together. As a group there is nothing wrong with that, but when I began to take too much comfort in food, that is when the number on the scale began to rise. This began around age 10, and blossomed until I was 15. At about 15 is when I began to really notice how far out of control my weight was but I had no clue how to stop it. So I kept eating, which lead to low self esteem. At the same time, I also began exhibiting signs of depression that continually escalated through college. I do not believe my weight caused my depression, but I know for a fact that it didn't help!

No matter what stage of weight loss you are in, emotional eating can rear it's ugly head and do some damage to your progress. I have in fact had an emotional week, the ill health of a close relative, and my fiancee's car has been totalled in an accident (He is fine, no worries.). Just this week the sadness, fear, and worry have been off the charts. This is PRIME emotional eating territory people. Here I'll share how I deal with it and how you may be able to adapt my methods to work for you.

  1. IDENTIFY and DEAL with your emotions. This is step 1, and it is the most important step. What emotions are driving that need to eat? What are you needing comforting from? The list of possible triggers is endless, the loss of a job, an injury, financial struggles, the death of a loved one. From my experience, emotional eaters don't know any other way of coping with the way they feel and instead eat. Find what you need to do to address your emotions and clear your mind of the stress. Whether you need to cry alone, cry with a trusted friend or family member, talk it out, or seek the help of a mental professional, you need to pull the weed out by the root. Note:*A therapist DOES NOT make you a crazy person, I don't know where this stigma came from but it's false. Perfectly average people can benefit tremendously from therapy. Even if you don't end up seeing one long term, just one session to have someone to talk to in a nonjudgmental setting can boost your success .
  2. Find the foods that are your go to comfort foods, usually high calorie non nutritious foods that we all love, and get them out of your house. If you can't see them, you can't eat them. However, not all of us have that ability. If you cannot rid your house of these things, for whatever reason, have a family member or roommate hide them from you. Any person you live with should be more than thrilled that you are trying to better yourself, if they are not helpful to your process it will hurt your progress.
  3. Stock your home with foods that it is damn near impossible to eat a lot of without exploding. There are an abundance of foods like this! Of course I encourage you to do some food scouting and find some favorites of your own, but for now I'll give you a few of mine! Soup. Soup is the perfect food, I swear. But there's a catch, make it yourself. I know, I know, ain't nobody got time for that. But you really do! You can put any number of wildly healthful things in soup and it tastes amazing. When you make it yourself, you know exactly what's in it. Popcorn. Low cal, ton of fiber. Skip the huge amounts of butter and salt clearly. Vegetables, all the vegetables. Watermelon. Black beans! Can we talk about how great black beans are?! Insanely filling, great texture, can be blended and added to almost anything to thicken and health it up a little.
  4. Stay hydrated. It's been said before but people still aren't listening! Your body doesn't have a way of saying I'm thirsty as opposed to I'm hungry. When you actually feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated. Drink water, teas, and black coffee. I love black coffee just sweetened a tiny bit with stevia, but if you need that creamy texture use a small amount of milk or almond milk. PLEASE be very cautious about drinking too much water, it can be fatal. Meaning you could die. So don't overdo it. As a general rule, take your weight, divide it in half. That number in ounces should be about how much water you ingest each day.
  5. This is your very last resort, your very last option for when you've had the worst month of your life, you've binged on soup, but you crave mac and cheese so much it's all you can think about. I know this sounds counter intuitive, but allow yourself to eat it. If you can find a recipe online for a healthy version of your trigger food, even better! Eat ONE standard portion size of whatever your trigger food is. Eat it slowly, don't scarf it down, make it last as long as you can. Share a slice of cake with your spouse or child, take one piece of pizza and use a fork and knife and cut bite sized pieces. Chew meaningfully, at least 15 times, feel the texture and taste it fully. 
  6.  If you've been good at controlling your eating, do not use food as a reward. That's part of what got you into this mess! Instead do something fun outside the world of food, visit with a good friend, maybe have a glass of wine and chat, go to a museum, a local sporting event, an art gallery, go swimming! Who doesn't love swimming? Fun and exercise. You get where I'm going with this, buy yourself a new pair of shoes, but those shoes better not be chocolate covered.
Now that 5th step might seem like I've lost my mind, but hear out my logic. Emotional eating does not have to be a lifelong problem. If you can be around your trigger comfort foods without eating the whole thing, and having just one serving, you've pretty much won the battle my friend. But by allowing yourself to eat it, it doesn't make that food off limits. I believe no food should ever be totally off limits. It creates even more stress and triggers that emotional eating switch in our brains that puts our willpower in a headlock until it taps out and we end up sitting  on the kitchen on the floor with empty containers strewn around us. That feeling of guilt after a slip-up, especially while we're trying to live a healthier lifestyle, is detrimental and unnecessary. Don't do that to yourself! Just because you ate a little too much ice cream last night doesn't make you a bad person. It means you made a mistake, and as with most mistakes in life, they are unavoidable. The only thing we can control, is how we learn from them.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's finally summer! #summerbloggerchallenge

Hellooo everyone!

Yeah it's been like 75 years (or like 3 weeks) since I made another blog post and that is just sooo unacceptable. Writers block be damned! So I have decided to participate in the awesome #Summer Blogger Challenge masterminded by the lovely Charlotte at Velvet and Vinyls. Check her out. I figured at least if I have some motivation to write I'd feel like writing more!

So anywho, the topic for this week is how I'm going to spend my summer! Quite honestly, I'm not entirely too certain how I'll be spending my summer.

Most people have expectations, responsibilities, children, a job, a home, pets, things that they need to take care of on a regular basis that they're responsible for. Honestly, I really don't. I am a student, but I'm on sabbatical until I can find a job to pay my tuition to restart. I don't have a pet, any children, the home I live in isn't my home, so I'm not the only one that takes care of it.

Most days of mine are spent blogging, reading blogs, doing housework, and sleeping. And it's just...boring me. I need activity. I need something to do, I need intellectual stimulation. Now, I realize that my life is pretty similar to most stay at home moms except I don't have children. I have absolutely no problem with stay at home moms, my mother was one for the majority of my life and I can quite honestly say that was best for our family. But the thing is, most of that mothers time will be spent doing things for her children.

I don't even have a car, or a drivers license. So I am quite literally stuck. I don't live somewhere that I can easily walk to somewhere, it's about a 40 min walk to the nearest large town. My fiancee really doesn't need help, he is a wonderful provider. But I can't help feeling like a bum. Sitting on my ass all day while he busts his ass to provide me with everything I need.

I can't get a car without a job, but I can't get a job without a car. It's just a never ending cycle. Half the jobs I try to apply for, I can't without a driver's license. And the jobs that don't require a license, they always ask you if you have reliable transportation. I have my feet, and my fiancee's car. That's it, and that's not enough for most employers because of the long hours my fiancee works.

BUT, I will not just sit here wallowing in laundry and ice cream! I have things that I really need to get done to progress my life and my fiancee's in a positive direction. I have goals! I have a list of things that I would like to do or complete before the summers end and I am determined to push through!

Without further ado, my summer goal list!

  1. "Spring clean" our bedroom and sitting room.
  2. Plant, tend, and harvest a small vegetable garden.
  3. Find employment.
  4. Pay off my tuition.
  5. Get back into classes.
  6. KEEP STUDYING while I'm on sabbatical.
  7. Lose 20 pounds. 

That's all for today folks! Are you stuck in a rut you feel like it's impossible to get out of? Let's support each other and get us all out of our ruts!


Friday, May 30, 2014

How I lost over 100 lbs in less 1 year without surgery as a broke college student!

Property of PrettyFunnyStrong

Well, that's quite a picture to start a blog post with isn't it? The photo on the right is my high school graduation taken in June of 2010. I was 18, and over 250 lbs. The photo on the left is me in my apartment in February of 2012.  Most people are a tad taken aback by it, because most of the people that know me now, didn't know me back then. I have lost over 100 pounds since then, and if you would have told me then how far I would come in just a few years, I would have said stop lying and pass the butter.

I have been asked countless times how I did it and what I am doing now and all that jazz, so for this post I'll tell you how I lost the bulk of the weight. Stick around for Part 2 when I tell you how I'm maintaining my loss!

I had been chunky for as long as I could remember. I had always loved the taste of food, I wasn't an athletically inclined kid by any means, I have asthma, I love chocolate and sugar, and I hated getting dirty. That was a perfect storm to being a chunky kid, who grew into a much more mature looking pre-teen than others who were my age, to becoming a plus sized teenager. My weight slowly crept up on me and I didn't realize it. By the time I hit that picture, I was probably around 270ish, probably more. When my size 18 clothes, that had fit me for years, were getting too small I was shocked into reality. I was busting out of my clothes, I couldn't walk a flight of stairs without getting extremely winded, and it took me over 20 minutes just to walk a mile in gym class. I'm pretty tall for a woman, about 5'8, and I was very well proportioned. My body distributes fat over most parts of my body very well, so I looked smaller than I was. Nobody knew how big I really was. But most importantly, I had no idea how unhealthy I was. I was fed up with it, so I decided going away to college would not be the total desecration of my health, it would be the beginning of a new me.

When I got to college, I started my mission. At my college we were required to purchase a meal plan from the school, and the university had a fully stocked gym usable by all students at all hours. These may not be important things to look at when considering higher education, but I took it into account. Our caf was, for lack of a better word, perfect. Fully stocked salad bar, juices and protein bars, real meals for every time of the day, and a small coffee house that served Starbucks coffee at bare minimum prices.

This cafeteria was integral for the main component of how I was going to lose a lot of fat quickly. I converted my diet to nearly 100% vegan, I avoided most animal products with the exception of lean meats and eggs. I'm anemic, so I really needed to make sure I got the iron I needed. And since the coffee house was essentially a full blown baby Starbucks, I could get the caffeine I craved with either soy or skim milk, depending on how much protein I felt I needed that day. I also began researching and purchasing vitamins, minerals, and supplements to support my efforts in a natural way. If anyone is interested in the products I tested out and what worked for me and what didn't, let me know if you'd like a post on that! For the first couple of days it felt like torture passing up cookies and cakes and rich meals in the cafeteria. But then one day something fantastic happened. My body, for once in my life, felt good. I slept better than I had in years, my acne started to clear, and I dropped a lot of weight, very quickly.

Many of you are going to ask about the classic college weight gainer, alcohol. The big question. Did I partake? No. Not once. Not at all. I was simply disinterested. I had no time for alcohol. I was at that point in my life a "straight edge" individual. No drinking, no smoking, no drugs. Period. This is something I had been my entire life, the decision was simple for me. I wasn't into the classic college social scene, but no one had a problem with my decision, many even admired my decision and confided in me that the only reason they did was because they felt obligated to. That is just awful. Pardon my soapbox, but do not let anybody tell you how you should live your live. Do you. Pure and simple. Nobody will fault you for it, and if they do they're douchebags, screw those people. 

However I didn't just change my diet, I also slowly started working out, finding exercises and machines that I liked that worked with my body. I knew that I would also lose muscle in combination with the water and fat I would lose, so I wanted to start a regular exercise regimen to try to minimize loss of muscle, stoke some muscle building, and help tighten up my body so that I would have as little excess skin as possible. I started off working on treadmills and cardio bikes and they were ok, but I just couldn't do treadmills. They were far too high impact for me and I grew out of breath very quickly. But I felt like I wasn't doing enough work on the cardio bike. It just felt too easy. 

One day I decided to try the elliptical and my life, changed. I found that I could do 20, 30, 45 minutes, an hour on an elliptical. Was I sweaty and sore and tired? Of course. But I felt so, alive when I was done. Accomplishment. I finally found that one thing that I could really push myself at, but at my own pace.
I was always told by conventional wisdom, being spewed by most of the people around me, that there was no other way to lose weight than extreme deprivation and torturous exercise. I think that is what motivated me to begin a semi vegan lifestyle. You don't realize how many things have animal products in them until you start looking for them. 

I would do cardio almost every single day, and I did some kind of strength training or yoga exercise a few times a week. However once I had lost about 70 pounds in about 6 months, my weight loss started to slow down. I wasn't nearly 300 pounds anymore. Even my roommate remarked on how much I had changed since we moved in together. It was at this point that I removed the semi-vegan program that my body was accustomed to, and delved slowly back into a diet that contained more animal products and carbohydrates. 

Many people question why I did this, because it did serve to slow my weight loss down. But, that is exactly what I wanted it to do. You see, even the most disciplined individual, no matter what they say, will not sustain a restrictive diet if they feel deprivation. In fact, sustaining an unreasonably deprived diet is an eating disorder in it's most simple form. Sure I felt great eating the food I was, but I MISSED the food I used to love. I missed bacon. I missed pancakes. Reese's. UGH. I knew that I wasn't going to ever be able to completely cut out every food that is crappy for you, I just needed to learn that special balance of good nutritious food to "cheat" foods, that would still allow me to live a normal life among friends and family, while still maintaining the progress I had worked so hard to achieve. 

At the same time, I also wanted to slow my weight loss down for another reason. I had already lost nearly 100 pounds and that excess skin concern of mine wasn't something I could put off anymore. It was at this point that I decided to flip up my exercise routine. I cut down on my cardio a bit (I still did it about 4 times a week because I loved it and how it made me feel afterward), with strength training exercises 3 or 4 times a week to really start to shape the new body that I was uncovering. 

I continued with my diet and exercise routine as it stood, and left that college 10 months later lighter than I had been in the 7th grade. My skin felt clearer, my hair healthy and strong, my nails longer healthier than I swear they have ever been in my entire life as a nail biter!

Well everyone, that's it for Part 1! THIS is how I lost 100 lbs in less than a year. Stick around for Part 2, where I fill you in on how I've kept this weight loss going, and my plan to hit my goal weight this year!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Some of my Personal Favorite Blogs! #followfridayismakingacomeback

Hellooo there everyone. I thought since my blog is a bit new and there's not much of my own material on here yet, I would share with you all some of the blogs that I love to read. Some of these blogs even inspired me to start this one! Before we jump into the blogs, I just thought I would mention I made a Facebook for the blog! You can like me on Facebook right here!! On to the blogs!

Viva Veltoro

This is a great mommy blog with recipes, giveaways, cloth diapering tips, diy projects, clothing, everything! If it's baby related, you can find content for it on Viva Veltoro. (I am not a mother personally, but I do have a nephew and plan to have a child at some point in life!) Check out her latest post about St. Jude's Children's Hospital!

Beautifully Bohemian

This is a great blog written by a vegan that offers up the natural way to clean your home and shows you can raise a vegetarian or vegan child. Not to mention some amazing raw vegan recipes! Check out her latest post about the Magic of Massage!

Budget Earth

This blog is fantastic. None of that nonsense where blogs have so many graphics they take 20 seconds to load. It's a very streamlined site with great reviews, recipes, giveaways, pet care, and money saving articles. With a huge focus on content, this blog has a little bit of something for everybody.

Beauty Tidbits

The name says it all! All beauty and fashion, all the time. She has incredibly high quality photographs, I could spend forever just perusing posts. Not to mention she's positively beautiful! With haircare and also some tips and tricks, this is a very fun site.

That's all for today folks! Make sure you take a look at these wonderful folks and I'll see you next time!

Disclosure: None of these blogs paid to be featured, this is not a sponsored post.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My #GoVoxBox from Influenster and Reviews!

Good day everybody! Been meaning to get a new post out but now I finally got around to putting together this super duper long post! Today I will be showing you all the products I got in my new #GoVoxBox by Influenster. Of course I received all of these products free of charge however I am only sharing because I am genuinely excited  about some of these of products, and these are things we all can use in our never ending journeys to better health. Now here you will find a brief description of the product and then my review.

NOTE: I have not tested all of the products yet, so as I test I will update this post accordingly. Check back and follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin to find out when the product you're most curious about gets reviewed!

Let's get this rolling shall we.

Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Triad Orthotic By Profoot for Women - Product claims to cushion the foot in 3 different key areas to reduce knee, leg, and back pain. As soon as I opened my box I popped these bad boys out of the package. They're only a 3/4th length, so they don't come up toward your toes and crowd your foot in the shoe. Very nice feature, I like that. I put them in my semi new running shoes and immediately went for a jog to see how they felt. They worked like a dream. I jog/walked 2.5 miles and my feet, knees, and body in general felt great. Fatigued, obviously, but no pain, which is something I used to get in my knees and ankles while running on these hilly Pennsylvania roads! The only complaint I have with this product is whenever I remove my foot from the shoe, they come right out. They came with 2 small glue tabs to stick them to the inside, but it only came with enough for one per shoe. They were just not strong enough on their own, so I would recommend purchasing your own glue tabs if that really bothers you. 

Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Playtex SPORT Fresh Balance Regular Tampons - To be put simply these rock. Smooth easy to grip plastic, not bulky or uncomfortable. Easy to remove and I have never had a leakage problem with these. I like them so much I bought a box! I haven't used any other brand since, I even like the fresh scent. Not for everyone, but I like it.

Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Next Step Shaker cup - A 16 oz. shaker cup with a star shaped shaker (say that 3 times fast) and a flip top lid. I was pumped when I saw this in my box! My water bottle had just sprung a leak, so I was in the market for a new beverage holder. This little guy is perfect. Big enough to hold 2 glasses of water, and actually very effectively dissolved the protein powder (see review below) that was also sampled from The Vitamin Shoppe. It took maybe 15-20 seconds of continuous shaking, and that's not too shabby. The seal around the top is completely water tight, I shook the crap out of this sucker and my hand was dry as a bone. I've been using this thing non-stop since I got it for every cold beverage. I might just get my fiancee one because he's been eyeing mine! At $5.99 on their current sale (reg price $7.99), it's affordable enough to get the whole family one. This product is a winner.
Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Next Step Fit n' Full Shake in Berry, Vanilla, and Chocolate - I don't think I can express enough how glad I am this exists in this world. It is so hard to find a good meal replacement that won't just keep you hungry, and gives you just protein but no other nutrients. This stuff has protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, it's a wonderful thing. I tried these for post workout energy boost, and as a breakfast/lunch substitution. They taste so good, I just can't get over that its a meal replacement shake. It tastes like milk, swear. Especially if you use milk to mix it and freeze it a little bit, stirring occasionally. You have yourself some healthy ice cream my friend. You're welcome. Oh by the way, it's on 25% sale now at Vitamin Shoppe's website, so grab some while you can!

Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme in Lavender & Chamomile - Honestly you guys, I was confused by this product. I was like why the hell is there a body cream in a fitness box? It's not firming, it's not energizing, it's relaxing. Working out is the opposite of relaxing. Shenanigans are afoot. I tossed it on top of my dresser and went for my jog after doing my unboxing. Jogged those 2.5 miles, came home and showered. I figured oh screw it I'll use my new body lotion. YOU GUYS I'm obsessed. My skin was so so soft. It smells like the most relaxing tea you will ever find, and I swear when I put it on I could feel my tense workout muscles that didn't loosen in my shower melt right away! Right away! Just poof! Gone! Friggin gone! And I wasn't the only one to experience this phenomenon, I put it on my fiancee's legs and back. He works on his feet all day and has horrible back and knee health, so it often tenses up so much on him that it'll spasm and he's in serious pain. I give him massages to help work that tension out, and that day I used this. He fell asleep during his massage. Dead asleep. He was wincing in pain when I started, and by the time I was finished he was out like a light. That has only happened one other time, and he had just come home from a 12 hour shift. This shift was only 6 hours long, he wasn't even tired. This stuff is miraculous, smells like angel flatulence, and I need 7000 tubes of it so I will never run out. Please never stop making this Aqua Spa!

not yet purchased - review to come soon! 

not yet reviewed - Will do on my next long walk!
not yet reviewed - This intrigues me but im ticklish, so I haven't got the courage up to put it on my foot yet, ha! I promise I'll do it soon!

Remember to check back in the next few days to see my reviews of the rest of these fabulous products! Until then, I wanna know what kind of things you guys do to stay fit and healthy, send me a tweet @thisiskoko, or Instagram me @whoskoko, or just leave me a comment down below!