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Monday, May 12, 2014

My First Diamond Candle ~ A Review

Hello everyone!

Time for my first blog post! Excitement! Today I have for you a review of my very first Diamond Candle. I have purchased this candle myself with my own money at full price. I am in no way affiliated with Diamond Candles and they are not compensating me for this review. However this post does contain a referral link.

I purchased the very pretty purple candle in the scent black raspberry vanilla. Sadly I forgot to take photos of my candle so I have no photos of it before I finished it (I know, super blog faux pax, I'll get better I promise!). I also did not film an unveiling of the ring because quite frankly I could not for the life of me figure out how to film it. I don't have a real camera, just my laptop webcam for now. I refuse to use a smartphone as the quality can be dodgy. On to the review!
The Candle
  • The candle arrived on time, securely packed, clean, and undamaged. That can be taken for granted but remember, they are shipping something somewhat heavy and made of glass. Secure packing is a must.
  • Upon opening I smelled the candle immediately so I expected the scent in the candle to be quite strong. I was wrong. When I lit it, the scent took a few moments to become apparent. The scent itself was beautiful, fruity but with a warm vanilla note. The website said it's candy scented but I don't see how or why it would smell like candy. I've never heard of candy that smells like black raspberry vanilla, but if that exists someone link me to that shiz! The scent was in no way strong enough to fill my entire bedroom however.
  • When the entire surface of the candle had melted, I could smell the scent at a maximum of 3-4 feet away. I desired a very strongly fragrant candle, so this was a letdown to me.
  • The candle burned very slowly and very evenly. However when the candle started to burn down the glass, a thick black soot began forming on the glass. As the wax level dropped, the soot got even thicker. I couldn't even light the candle without my hand getting all black and dirty. Not cute. I trimmed the wax before every light and never kept it lit for longer than recommended. It got to the point where I had to clean my candle with a tissue before I lit it to keep my hand clean. I don't think I should I have to do that with any candle, much less a candle that costs almost 30 dollars.
Just a tiny bit of wax left over

Do you SEE that? I've never had a candle do this!

  • I did burn the candle to the very bottom and in that way it performed very well, almost all the wax melted away.

The Ring

  • When I fished the ring out of the wax, it was wrapped in gold foil and then sealed in a plastic bag. The gold foil reminded me of Ferrero Rocher, the incredibly delicious hazelnut candy. Mmm.

  • The ring appears to be a size 8, it doesn't fit on my ring finger but is just a teeny bit loose on my middle finger.

  • It is a pretty ring, the inscription on the inside of the ring says china, so I don't believe I got one worth any more than probably $10 dollars.

The Wrap-Up
  • The candle was in fact beautiful and smelled great. A candle that doesn't have a very strong smell could be an advantage for some people.
  • For instance, my mom has allergies and smelling candles sparks them off something fierce. For people who live with those with allergies, or simply have a sensitive sense of smell, having a candle that won't fill up an entire floor of your home with fragrance would be ideal. If I still lived with my mom, I would love this candle. However, I don't live with my mom.
  • I desired a strongly fragrant candle and that is just not the experience I had with this candle. Now being that this is the very first Diamond Candle I've ever had, perhaps I just got a bad batch. I had heard that these candles were very strong which is why I purchased one, and honestly I'm let down. I was looking forward to a much more fragrant experience and that is just not what happened.
  • The ring isn't really what drew me to buy this candle, but I know some people see $10,000 ring and get a lady boner, so let me just address it now. These rings are a gimmick. Yes they're fun and pretty and I was definitely excited to see which one I got! But I have seen the very ring I have received in at least 5 different reviews. Factor in the percentage of their clientele that are actually probably bloggers, and it makes it seem like they just buy hundreds of the same ring and throw them in. Obviously they are a business and they need to make money, but the odds of getting a ring worth even just $100 dollars let alone a few thousand are slim to none in my opinion.
Was it worth it?
  • All in all I paid $24.95 for this candle, free shipping with a coupon code found on the website. If you factor in that I got both a large candle and a piece of costume jewelry I believe money-wise the price is not unreasonable. However, the candle was not of the quality I was expecting, and quite frankly I wanted a piece of jewelry I haven't already seen before. The ring doesn't even fit as they don't bother with sizing. I won't say that I wouldn't order from Diamond Candles again, but I may just wait an extended period of time to see if their stock of rings changes. I also want a candle that I don't have to tissue off just to keep my hand clean to light it. If you can afford it and you like the whole candle/jewelry reveal package, I see no reason why you shouldn't order from Diamond Candles. They would make a fun gift any candle or jewelry enthusiast would at least be amused by, if not really love.

If you would like to try Diamond Candles out for yourself I have here a coupon code by way of a clickable link that will give you 20% off of your entire order.

Hope you enjoyed my first post! Have a suggestion? Send me an email!

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