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Thursday, May 22, 2014

My #GoVoxBox from Influenster and Reviews!

Good day everybody! Been meaning to get a new post out but now I finally got around to putting together this super duper long post! Today I will be showing you all the products I got in my new #GoVoxBox by Influenster. Of course I received all of these products free of charge however I am only sharing because I am genuinely excited  about some of these of products, and these are things we all can use in our never ending journeys to better health. Now here you will find a brief description of the product and then my review.

NOTE: I have not tested all of the products yet, so as I test I will update this post accordingly. Check back and follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin to find out when the product you're most curious about gets reviewed!

Let's get this rolling shall we.

Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Triad Orthotic By Profoot for Women - Product claims to cushion the foot in 3 different key areas to reduce knee, leg, and back pain. As soon as I opened my box I popped these bad boys out of the package. They're only a 3/4th length, so they don't come up toward your toes and crowd your foot in the shoe. Very nice feature, I like that. I put them in my semi new running shoes and immediately went for a jog to see how they felt. They worked like a dream. I jog/walked 2.5 miles and my feet, knees, and body in general felt great. Fatigued, obviously, but no pain, which is something I used to get in my knees and ankles while running on these hilly Pennsylvania roads! The only complaint I have with this product is whenever I remove my foot from the shoe, they come right out. They came with 2 small glue tabs to stick them to the inside, but it only came with enough for one per shoe. They were just not strong enough on their own, so I would recommend purchasing your own glue tabs if that really bothers you. 

Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Playtex SPORT Fresh Balance Regular Tampons - To be put simply these rock. Smooth easy to grip plastic, not bulky or uncomfortable. Easy to remove and I have never had a leakage problem with these. I like them so much I bought a box! I haven't used any other brand since, I even like the fresh scent. Not for everyone, but I like it.

Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Next Step Shaker cup - A 16 oz. shaker cup with a star shaped shaker (say that 3 times fast) and a flip top lid. I was pumped when I saw this in my box! My water bottle had just sprung a leak, so I was in the market for a new beverage holder. This little guy is perfect. Big enough to hold 2 glasses of water, and actually very effectively dissolved the protein powder (see review below) that was also sampled from The Vitamin Shoppe. It took maybe 15-20 seconds of continuous shaking, and that's not too shabby. The seal around the top is completely water tight, I shook the crap out of this sucker and my hand was dry as a bone. I've been using this thing non-stop since I got it for every cold beverage. I might just get my fiancee one because he's been eyeing mine! At $5.99 on their current sale (reg price $7.99), it's affordable enough to get the whole family one. This product is a winner.
Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Next Step Fit n' Full Shake in Berry, Vanilla, and Chocolate - I don't think I can express enough how glad I am this exists in this world. It is so hard to find a good meal replacement that won't just keep you hungry, and gives you just protein but no other nutrients. This stuff has protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, it's a wonderful thing. I tried these for post workout energy boost, and as a breakfast/lunch substitution. They taste so good, I just can't get over that its a meal replacement shake. It tastes like milk, swear. Especially if you use milk to mix it and freeze it a little bit, stirring occasionally. You have yourself some healthy ice cream my friend. You're welcome. Oh by the way, it's on 25% sale now at Vitamin Shoppe's website, so grab some while you can!

Image by Prettyfunnystrong

Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme in Lavender & Chamomile - Honestly you guys, I was confused by this product. I was like why the hell is there a body cream in a fitness box? It's not firming, it's not energizing, it's relaxing. Working out is the opposite of relaxing. Shenanigans are afoot. I tossed it on top of my dresser and went for my jog after doing my unboxing. Jogged those 2.5 miles, came home and showered. I figured oh screw it I'll use my new body lotion. YOU GUYS I'm obsessed. My skin was so so soft. It smells like the most relaxing tea you will ever find, and I swear when I put it on I could feel my tense workout muscles that didn't loosen in my shower melt right away! Right away! Just poof! Gone! Friggin gone! And I wasn't the only one to experience this phenomenon, I put it on my fiancee's legs and back. He works on his feet all day and has horrible back and knee health, so it often tenses up so much on him that it'll spasm and he's in serious pain. I give him massages to help work that tension out, and that day I used this. He fell asleep during his massage. Dead asleep. He was wincing in pain when I started, and by the time I was finished he was out like a light. That has only happened one other time, and he had just come home from a 12 hour shift. This shift was only 6 hours long, he wasn't even tired. This stuff is miraculous, smells like angel flatulence, and I need 7000 tubes of it so I will never run out. Please never stop making this Aqua Spa!

not yet purchased - review to come soon! 

not yet reviewed - Will do on my next long walk!
not yet reviewed - This intrigues me but im ticklish, so I haven't got the courage up to put it on my foot yet, ha! I promise I'll do it soon!

Remember to check back in the next few days to see my reviews of the rest of these fabulous products! Until then, I wanna know what kind of things you guys do to stay fit and healthy, send me a tweet @thisiskoko, or Instagram me @whoskoko, or just leave me a comment down below! 

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